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As If I Belonged

The holidays are upon us with many gatherings of family and friends. Picture this – you are heading to a party, sitting in your car and getting ready to go inside. What do you notice happening in your body? Butterflies

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Why Would I See a Couples Therapist? – Video

My previous blog post may have answered the question of what happens in therapy but you may still be asking yourself why you should see a couples therapist. This video may help answer that question.

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What Happens in Therapy? – Video

You may find yourself wondering what happens in a therapy session.  This video may help answer your question. Stay tuned for the next video “Why would I see a couples therapist?”

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The Wisdom Within

“Finding Self is finding God within.” — Carl Jung What I have discovered in my therapy room is that people often know much more than they think they do. There is a wealth of information inside each of us. Sometimes

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Commitment: Liberation or Prison Sentence?

Waking up next to the same person every morning can be less than thrilling. You have heard their stories, some of them you might even know by heart. You are opening your front door to the same face, no matter

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Rudi Lion MFT
(805) 453-4826

2020 Alameda Padre Serra
Suite 217
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Near Santa Barbara Mission and downtown Santa Barbara, close to 101 freeway, easy access from freeway, wheelchair friendly, easy access from Goleta and Carpinteria. Click for Driving Directions.

Skype counseling sessions available to remote locations.

Specialties include couples therapy, EMDR, short term therapy, trauma therapy and PTSD therapy.