Searching for Life’s Meaning

“Without meaning, life is unbearable.”

— Carl Jung

What is Carl Jung saying with these words?

I see the meaning I give my life, like a frame around a painting. The frame defines and often beautifies the art piece. There are many people who live their lives day in and day out with no desire for meaning, responding to what life offers in some kind of fashion; some days are good, some days aren’t.

Often, that is a fine way to live. Yet, what happens when a tragedy strikes, when life gets difficult? These challenges, especially when ongoing, can make existence feel unbearable. You may ask yourself, “How much longer can I do this?” “Why me?” You may wonder how to keep going devoid of answers, devoid of a “frame of meaning” for your hardship.

I am here to help you grapple with these questions until you find your own sense of meaning. Perhaps you will find it in religion or spirituality; perhaps in a piece of your past long forgotten or in the simple practice of mindful acceptance.

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