Couples Therapy in Santa Barbara

Why would I see a couples therapist?

Disclaimer: Video was taken in 2012, I still stand by the content but have a few more smile lines.

I love to work with couples. I love the the dynamic in the room. Two people, two truths, two agendas, two viewpoints… Who is right and who is wrong? I help you take a breath and slow it all down.

It is easy to be at your best behavior when all is well; you get enough smiles from your partner, enough sex, enough support, work is ok, children are behaving more or less, in-laws help out when needed and leave you in peace when needed, enough money in the bank…And then it suddenly all changes! Not enough sex, husband always bickering, girlfriend never happy, the house too small, the step-daughter out of line… Another breath… Who do I want to be now? When things are difficult… Can I be both true to myself and the integrity of the relationship?

I sit with you while you ponder these questions and remind you of breathing, and breathing some more…It is scary when the beloved has suddenly turned into the enemy; when we feel threatened love turns to survival and we want to defend at all cost. Another breath, don’t kill in the process, take a pause, come back to yourself, see the other for why you chose them to be your partner, and do your part to come back to love…

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Rudi Lion MFT
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Specialties include couples therapy, EMDR, short term therapy, trauma therapy and PTSD therapy.